End of first semester, current animatic

Here is the current state of the animatic. Some changes that still need to be made, but I probably wont do them to the animatic, I'll probably just work them in to my final animation.

  1. The stop motion sequence before the title, and the part where Mo is underwater after will be combined into one scene

  2.  When Mo is brushing their teeth there will be cutaways to various objects around their bathroom

  3. No truck/zoom in to the bird on a wire, just a cut to closeup

  4. Timing in the scene when Mo comes home needs to be reworked (them thinking about the stir fry vs using their computer and seeing the hole again)

  5. Maybe Mo will hit their head against the wall repeatedly at the end of that scene, which will cause another sound for when the camera cuts away to the man in the adjacent apartment

  6. Quick pan to the man in his apartment needs to be reworked

  7. When Mo gets their arms and legs pulled off this will be in many different mediums, replaying over and over, rather than flashing black and white.


Ok, so I did some much needed housekeeping on my animatic, because there were a few things that I knew were going to change but they only existed in my head so I threw them in there. Also in there is a Fully Animated Shot™ (two, actually). Also my music is in there instead of the Anna Meredith track.

I work a lot better this way, fully animating shot-to-shot. I find if I try and just keyframe a bunch of shots I get bogged down and I stop enjoying animating. If I focus all of my energy on completely finishing one shot I find it a lot easier to see the "big picture". I had trouble with this on my 3rd year film. If I treat every shot like a mini-film it helps. My only worry is I will spend too much time perfecting shots and I will run out of time and have a bunch of big important ones I haven't even started. I guess that's what schedules are for.


Having some issues with Adobe Animate. While ironing them out I am also modifying the music I'm composing to have during Mo's meltdown. It doesn't fit as well as the Anna Meredith song I was using as a placeholder, but I think it's getting closer. I've also changed the timing a little bit in places, including extending the arm-ripping-off sequence (which is still a placeholder, since they will be repeatedly getting there arms and legs ripped off in a variety of different mediums).

Also, don't watch at 59 seconds in to the end if you are photosensitive because I made the flashing even more intense. Just a warning.


Completed animatic. Some things still need to be tweaked a bit but I can go ahead and start animating now.

Also, I have purchased the Boil It script for After Effects, in an attempt to shorten some of the animation process by creating the boils in my film with the turbulence effect, rather than drawing them by hand. Here's a test of what some of the final animation might look like:


Some very early animatics.

This one happens very early on and is a dream sequence underwater. It's so short I didn't feel the need to make it into a video file so I just made it a gif.

This one I made in the summer very very quickly. I didn't have time to record with my good microphone so the sound is pretty bad. A few of my ideas have changed and I don't feel like this represents what I'm going for in this scene anymore.

This is the most important part (I think), of my film. I wanted to jump in and start planning it right away so I have lots of time to experiment and change things if I get new and better ideas. The song, Orlok by Anna Meredith is just a placeholder, but is an inspiration for how I animated this scene and how I might compose any music that might be in this part.

In terms of your current situation, what do you feel good about?

I know that the subject of my film is important to me and that I am driven to do a good job at it.

What do you need the most help with, to get your grad project finished?

I will most likely need some extra people to help colour. I don't think I will need help animating; I did all of it myself last year.

What are you most worried about, in terms of your grad project?

That I will create something that people won't get; that I won't properly articulate my experience with my disability the way I was hoping.

What are you most excited about, in terms of your grad project?

The experimentation. I'm really excited to build stuff and bring it into the puppet room. I also like to see stuff start to fall into place so I can see a big picture. It's really hard for me to do that in the beginning, so usually 80% of all my work happens in the last few weeks of making something. I don't want that to happen this time.

What is one question you want to ask the class and myself, given the work you’ve shown, that might help you right now?

Do you think my film can be funny as well as unsettling? I want to do both well, but I'm not sure if I can.


It has been a while. I have some exciting news concerning my 3rd year film, Super Stop. It has been accepted into the Canadian Student Competition at the Ottawa International Animation Festival! This news really blew me away, the OIAF is the biggest animation festival in North America! I can't believe my tiny first attempt at making an animated short is being screened there! Also, I am super lucky to be able to attend this year! It should definitely be a wild one.

Here's a poster I whipped up with official laurels and everything.


It's been two weeks since I last posted, my progress last week was too unfinished to put into my WIP reel, so I decided to wait until this week to compile everything. I'm starting to work on colouring, but I'm still not done all the animation (as you can see in the WIP reel)!!!! There's actually supposed to be 2-3 more shots in the part where the clerk gets his face melted off. I realized that the new screaming I recorded (I recorded 6 different people, including myself) only fits the length that I currently have. So if I were to lengthen this sequence I'd have to rerecord the screaming (and also that's more work for me to animate). At this point I'm not sure what reads and what doesn't, if this is shocking in any way, if it's effective or visceral. All I can see are parts that are and aren't animated well, and parts that are finished and unfinished. I'm not sure if I will finish in time for the end of the semester. We'll just have to see.


I'm starting to think I am not going to fully finish this film like I planned. There is barely a month of school left, and I'm starting a new job next week where I will be working three days a week instead of two. I am planning to do all the lines over in Photoshop once I finish the rough animation, but now I'm not sure if that will happen. 

Plus, I have to do all the backgrounds. I've barely even started.


I'm trying to barrel through as much rough animation as possible, even if it's bad. I just need to get it done and in a state where I can actually work with improving the tie-downs and starting the colour/cleanup process. At the moment I'm having a hard time starting to animate because I can't see the film as a whole unit. it's really hard to work towards a goal if I can't envision the final big picture.

 I've also thought that maybe my film should end right when Dill drops her cup. My one worry with this is maybe it doesn't leave the audience with enough time to process what happened, it also isn't very funny. I'm not exactly sure what impression I want to leave on the audience at the end.


Quick update before I slumber. Here's a rough anim of the shot right after when Dill first sees the nacho cheese machine. I've been in an animation slump recently with my film, and I haven't been happy with the expressiveness of my animation. I've been feeling like I've been drawing too many frames and ending up with something lifeless and mechanical.

This shot, while still rough and a bit unfinished, I think I've finally found the kind of limited animation style I'm looking for; and can actually sustain and complete my film with. I'm satisfied with Dill's big snappy antics here. I want to go forward pushing this style even further.


Late post this week. It's reading week and I've basically only done work on my 3rd year film. It feels like I've gotten next to nothing done...

I've done rough animations of 4 shots so far, as you can tell, I've spent the most time on the last one, which is animated straight ahead on 2s. That one still isn't done yet. If I'm going to be animating that whole sequence straight ahead, I'll need to think about how I can recycle frames for boils or something because animating every frame is too time consuming.

The only other thing I've done is the background for the title card, might do some very minimal animation in this one (perhaps some clouds floating across the sky or some breeze moving through the trees).


Started animating my first shot of my film. I'm starting off simple with the short where Gart and Dill first walk past the clerk. I need to work out some timing issues and add some more character to their walks.

I've decided I'm going to do all my animating in TVpaint, and then do all my cleanup line work and colouring in Photoshop, since TVpaint doesn't offer very much versatility with brushes, and the offset colour style I've used in my character turnarounds and concept art will be easier to achieve.

And here is the current version of the "finished" background. I wont change this unless I have any kind of stylistic change (although I might add some shapes in the tabacco cabinet). I might make the silhouettes in the foreground a little less dense looking.

And my turnaround for Gart. I will get Knife the clerk done next.


Here's the part in the preproduction where I've gone too far with my idea to start over, but I haven't actually started animating yet, and I feel like nothing I am doing is good enough or the standard I should be aiming for. It's one of those weeks where I keep seeing 18 year olds with a better understanding of character design and animation than I do. I added to my animatic a bit and did a character turnaround for Dill. All in all I don't think I utilized my time with this project this week very well despite having an abundance of manic energy that wasted all on worrying about death/interacting with people I don't know.