“SUPER STOP” (working title)


I originally had the story for my 3rd year film at the start of my 2nd year. In one of my classes I developed some beat boards for this idea. Then it percolated in my brain for about a year. Parts of it sloughed off and took different shapes, other parts grew into bigger parts. My intention with this animation is to communicate a short and simple narrative with surreal elements.

Two friends, Dill and Gart, enter a 24 hour convenience store. Dill notices a liquid cheese dispenser at one end of the convenience store. After checking to make sure the clerk isn’t looking, she tries to fill up an enormous cup with the nasty fluid. The clerk startles Dill as she’s filling up the cup and she jumps, throwing a cup of hot cheese in the clerk’s face. He screams and the skin on his face starts to burn and disfigure horribly under the boiling cheese. Dill suddenly hears the clerk shout, “Hey!” from behind her. She looks behind her and sees the clerk, unscathed, glaring at her from across the store. She realizes she has been hallucinating.

This is a very brief description of the events within the animation. The “narrative” isn’t so much of a story as it is just another facet of the world the animation exists within. I want to establish that the world Gart and Dill live in is Earth, but an Earth from a dimension with laws and accepted behaviors different enough from ours for it to be uncomfortable. When Dill hallucinates, I want to communicate an awful feeling of dread that you feel when something you thought was easy very quickly snowballs out of your control. Sterile environments like convenience stores and other places commonly lit with florescent lighting often feel exempt from the passage of time, or that time passes differently in there. Sometimes it feels like the space itself is moving, but you are not.

Here is a link to my first draft of the script.


This will be a 2D film animated digitally in TVpaint. The running time will be somewhere between one minute thirty to two minutes.


I will be recording any sound design needed myself, and composing any music if I think it is necessary.


I’ve developed a feel for both of these characters slowly over the last two years, they’ve changed shape a few times, but in the last 6 months I’ve locked down a proper shape for both of them.

Dill, in particular, has changed shape the most dramatically. I think she looks better as a rounder character. Before, it seemed like in my head I thought of her as being round, but on paper she wasn’t as stylized as I intended. I also (for some reason), really wanted her to be the colour of a pickle. Eventually I gave up this dream.

Here are my most current designs for Dill and Gart:


Backgrounds will be probably the most challenging aspect of this animation, since I’m the least experienced with creating them. I’m hoping to stick to a sparse palette which compliments the characters (without taking the spotlight away from them) and minimal line to keep the backgrounds from feeling busy. However, I want them to be detailed enough to retain a feeling of depth and recessional space.