I feel like I haven't given myself enough time to delve further in to feeling out the look of my 3rd year film. I think I have a good idea of what my characters will look like, but I haven't given enough thought to how they will animate. My biggest worry is to not push the elasticity of my character enough, and after boarding thumbnails of the whole film, I feel like I need to work harder to achieve this.

I love this student film by Stevie Borbolla, "space jerks". I'm obsessed with the way they use a limited animation style. Every movement a character makes is hysterical to me. I'm not sure if that's exactly the look I wan't to emulate, but I want to push my own animation to this kind of visual extreme.

Another inspiration is Sally Cruikshank, her short film "Face Like A Frog" is my favourite animated short ever. Like "space jerks" there's this great relationship between the characters and this sort of constant manic movement



As I write this, I realize that the short animatic of the opening sequence of my film doesn't communicate the qualities I admire in these films at all. Granted, it's not animated. But the pacing is much too slow. I think I'd like to keep this emphasis on the buzzing ambiance of a convenience store; focusing in on different types of hums (the fridge, the fluorescent light, etc). But when Gart and Dill step through the sliding doors, I want it to be more jarring. I've always visualized this extreme, almost fisheye lens style low-wide angle from their feet looking up as they step into the store, but I need to get better technically to pull this off. Maybe having the angle from more of a 3/4 angle would work better/be easier to animate.

My thumbnails are pretty difficult to parse, and I originally was going to do a full "good" storyboard. But I think it makes more sense to go straight into an animatic, since I feel like movement of the characters and camera movement will help me better get a feel for how my film will look.

I also did some designs for the clerk in the convenience store who gets his face melted off. I drew a man in my notebook who I can only describe as looking "french Canadian" to myself. I doodled the word "Knife" in block letters also, and after looking at it for a while, I decided that would be his name.

I ran a bit short on time this week, I really wanted to practice more background drawings. I think my first concept artwork is ok, but maybe too detailed? I want it to be more expressive, but I think my hand is too stiff when I draw backgrounds because I'm not comfortable drawing them yet. Here are some inspiration and reference images I used for the convenience store. Included are some images from google, some background concept artwork from Steven Sugar (BG art for Steven Universe) and Kevin Dart (who I think did BG art for Powerpuff Girls), and some stills from Cowboy Bebop.