I had originally planned to finish the animatic and do some turnarounds for my characters but I didn't realize I had to draw over 40 shots for my animatic! I will definitely need to cut this down a bit if I'm ever going to finish this.

This version of the animatic has scratch sound, it gets a bit rough in patches.

This current version of the animatic doesn't really have an ending because I haven't figured out yet how I want it to end. In the script, Dill snaps out of her hallucination and runs out of the store with Gart in tow. Outside, beside a dumpster around the back of the building, Gart reaches in to the neck of their turtleneck and produces a bag of chips, which Dill looks at and starts to cry as she tears open the bag and starts eating them in handfuls.

Another ending was to simply end it when the clerk shouts "Hey!" and Dill snaps out of her vision. Both of these communicate different things about my story, and I'm not sure if I like either of them.

Next week I definitely will have more character concept artwork and background art.