Ok, so I did some much needed housekeeping on my animatic, because there were a few things that I knew were going to change but they only existed in my head so I threw them in there. Also in there is a Fully Animated Shot™ (two, actually). Also my music is in there instead of the Anna Meredith track.

I work a lot better this way, fully animating shot-to-shot. I find if I try and just keyframe a bunch of shots I get bogged down and I stop enjoying animating. If I focus all of my energy on completely finishing one shot I find it a lot easier to see the "big picture". I had trouble with this on my 3rd year film. If I treat every shot like a mini-film it helps. My only worry is I will spend too much time perfecting shots and I will run out of time and have a bunch of big important ones I haven't even started. I guess that's what schedules are for.