End of first semester, current animatic

Here is the current state of the animatic. Some changes that still need to be made, but I probably wont do them to the animatic, I'll probably just work them in to my final animation.

  1. The stop motion sequence before the title, and the part where Mo is underwater after will be combined into one scene

  2.  When Mo is brushing their teeth there will be cutaways to various objects around their bathroom

  3. No truck/zoom in to the bird on a wire, just a cut to closeup

  4. Timing in the scene when Mo comes home needs to be reworked (them thinking about the stir fry vs using their computer and seeing the hole again)

  5. Maybe Mo will hit their head against the wall repeatedly at the end of that scene, which will cause another sound for when the camera cuts away to the man in the adjacent apartment

  6. Quick pan to the man in his apartment needs to be reworked

  7. When Mo gets their arms and legs pulled off this will be in many different mediums, replaying over and over, rather than flashing black and white.