It's been two weeks since I last posted, my progress last week was too unfinished to put into my WIP reel, so I decided to wait until this week to compile everything. I'm starting to work on colouring, but I'm still not done all the animation (as you can see in the WIP reel)!!!! There's actually supposed to be 2-3 more shots in the part where the clerk gets his face melted off. I realized that the new screaming I recorded (I recorded 6 different people, including myself) only fits the length that I currently have. So if I were to lengthen this sequence I'd have to rerecord the screaming (and also that's more work for me to animate). At this point I'm not sure what reads and what doesn't, if this is shocking in any way, if it's effective or visceral. All I can see are parts that are and aren't animated well, and parts that are finished and unfinished. I'm not sure if I will finish in time for the end of the semester. We'll just have to see.