Some very early animatics.

This one happens very early on and is a dream sequence underwater. It's so short I didn't feel the need to make it into a video file so I just made it a gif.

This one I made in the summer very very quickly. I didn't have time to record with my good microphone so the sound is pretty bad. A few of my ideas have changed and I don't feel like this represents what I'm going for in this scene anymore.

This is the most important part (I think), of my film. I wanted to jump in and start planning it right away so I have lots of time to experiment and change things if I get new and better ideas. The song, Orlok by Anna Meredith is just a placeholder, but is an inspiration for how I animated this scene and how I might compose any music that might be in this part.

In terms of your current situation, what do you feel good about?

I know that the subject of my film is important to me and that I am driven to do a good job at it.

What do you need the most help with, to get your grad project finished?

I will most likely need some extra people to help colour. I don't think I will need help animating; I did all of it myself last year.

What are you most worried about, in terms of your grad project?

That I will create something that people won't get; that I won't properly articulate my experience with my disability the way I was hoping.

What are you most excited about, in terms of your grad project?

The experimentation. I'm really excited to build stuff and bring it into the puppet room. I also like to see stuff start to fall into place so I can see a big picture. It's really hard for me to do that in the beginning, so usually 80% of all my work happens in the last few weeks of making something. I don't want that to happen this time.

What is one question you want to ask the class and myself, given the work you’ve shown, that might help you right now?

Do you think my film can be funny as well as unsettling? I want to do both well, but I'm not sure if I can.